CWA/UT Contract TENTATIVE Agreement

June 6 2017



  • First year 2017:  $500 at signing and $300 on the first pay period in October 2017.
  • Second year 2018: 1-1-2018    1% increase to base.
  • Third year 2019:  1-1-2019      2% increase to base.

Medical Insurance: 

  • Saved spousal benefits.
  • Full-time employees maintain 20% premiums on medical for life of contract. Current language
  • Full time employees move to 20% premiums for Vision and Dental in 1-1-2019
  • Part-time employees move to 40% premiums for Medical, Vision and Dental in 1-1-2019
  • New language for Domestic Partners required by Fed. Law. ( Spousal Eligibility  Article 47).
  • Domestic Partners language has been removed from contract.
  • Continuation of Dependent Child Care Coverage beyond Age 18 language updated to new state and Federal language.


  • Saved complete removal of this benefit.
  • No Domestic Partner language
  • No graduate level benefits for spouses, domestic partners, or dependents. Grandfathering for those that are in graduate school now.
  • Saved the 2% on wages for undergraduate degrees.

PARKING:  No increase in cost. Intent of current language remains.

WINTER BREAK:   New language. Bargaining team negotiated for all employees of the University. Saved members from un-paid furlough time now and in the future.