Trumpcare a Prescription for Disaster

The Reviews Are In – TrumpCare is a Prescription for Disaster

The TrumpCare plan House Republicans have prepared will take away Americans’ health care and increase health care costs for Americans who cannot afford it while giving tax cuts to the rich and to industry. Here are the key take-away points:

TrumpCare will cost Americans more money for their health care while providing them fewer benefits and would lead millions to lose coverage altogether.

  • “The reality is that the GOP replacement bill was not necessarily designed to cover more people than the Affordable Care Act.” [CNN, 3/7/17]
  • “Compared with the ACA’s subsidies, the tax credits would go to more people but provide less financial help to lower-income people.” [Washington Post, 3/6/17]
  • “This isn’t repeal and replace, but repeal and destroy coverage for millions.” [California’s Health Consumer Advocacy Coalition, 3/7/17]
  • “House Republicans did not release any analysis of the bill’s effect on insurance coverage, a crucial omission. Such analysis…is expected to show that millions of people would lose coverage.” [LA Times, 3/6/17]
  • “This bill would strip coverage from millions of people and drive up consumer costs.” [Families USA, 3/6/17]
  • “Ripping healthcare away from Americans to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy is about as cruel as it gets. This isn’t a healthcare plan—it’s a massive giveaway to insurance companies and those at the top, while it hits America’s families with a triple whammy of less coverage, higher costs and more taxes. This bill will potentially leave millions without coverage.” [AFT, 3/6/17]

2. TrumpCare will cut taxes on the very wealthy, making average Americans pay more.

  • “House Republicans’ Obamacare replacement plan would cut taxes on the wealthy by hundreds of billions of dollars.” [Politico, 3/6/17]
  • “The Republican plan to replace Obamacare includes a tax break for insurance company executives making over $500,000 per year.” [Buzzfeed, 3/6/17]
  • “It would offer new financial benefits for the upper-middle class and the rich. Americans higher up the income scale would be eligible for subsidies to help them buy health insurance. Taxes on high incomes would be reversed. And the law would allow people to save more money each year in tax-free health savings and flexible spending accounts – accounts that are most valuable to people who pay high income tax rates and have money to save.” [NY Times, 3/6/17]

3. TrumpCare will raise premiums and costs on older Americans.

  • “Poor, older adults would face the largest crunch: The magnitude of their tax credits shrinks, even as a separate provision in the bill allows insurers to charge older people substantially higher prices than are allowed under the Affordable Care Act.” [NY Times, 3/6/17]
  • “Many older and poorer Americans would probably end up paying more.” [LA Times, 3/6/17]
  • “It shreds the Medicaid social safety net that serves more than 72 million people, including many children, senior citizens and people with disabilities. And it once again leaves millions of people in America with chronic illness and disease at the mercy of insurance companies.” [Families USA, 3/6/17]

4. TrumpCare will no longer make it possible for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions to get affordable coverage.

  • “Insurers would no longer be required to offer health plans that meet the same coverage standards, another protection in Obamacare. That could allow the sale of more catastrophic health insurance plans that impose higher deductibles on consumers.” [LA Times, 3/6/17]

5. TrumpCare will cut funding for maternity care, birth control, and Planned Parenthood.

  • “What the GOP’s plan would do is prevent Medicaid from working with Planned Parenthood. This would effectively block patients who rely on federally subsidized health care – about 60 percent of Planned Parenthood’s 2.5 million patients – from choosing Planned Parenthood for their health care.” [Huffington Post, 3/6/17]