Corporations Tax Cut? We Want Raise

CWA wants to make sure that the nation’s biggest employers actually give working families the average $4,000 wage increases the Trump administration claims will result from cutting the corporate tax rate.

CWA has reached out to all its major employers like AT&T, Verizon, General Electric, American Airlines, NBC Universal, and others, to call on them to commit to that raise in writing by Dec. 1.

As of December 7, no employers have responded, and there have been many reports that CEOs plan to use the tax cuts to buy back stock and reward investors – not to give workers a raise and stop offshoring good jobs.

CWA will keep pressing the issue to make sure that employers are held accountable for their promises if the Republican tax bill becomes law.

Sign the petition to tell CEOS you want them to guarantee the wage increase in writing.

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